More information on Masters in Health Supply Chain Management

The Master’s in Health Supply Chain Management consist of two-year program with 15 modules delivered in four semesters. The programme comprises eleven theoretical modules while the remaining three are practical or field placement. At the end of courses, students are required to complete an applied research project.


  • First Semester: Operational Health Supply Chain Management


Module one: Introduction to Health Supply Chain Management

Module two: Health products & technologies selection, quantification and procurement

Module three: Storage and distribution

Module four : Introduction to Human resources management

Module five: Field Attachment

  • Second semester: Strategic Health Supply Chain Management

Module six: Equipment Management

Module seven: Resource Management

Module eight: Leadership and professional management

Module nine: Strategic procurement

Module ten: Field Attachment

  • Third semester: Optimization of the health supply chain Management:

Module eleven: Applied research methods

Module twelve: Optimization of health supply chain management systems

Module threaten: Integration of new technologies in health supply chain systems

Module fourteen: Field attachment

  • Fourth semester: Applied research project

Module fifteen: Mini thesis